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DoCs Early Intervention Program “Brighter Futures”

Key Objective
To design a framework to evaluate the effectiveness of the DoCs Early Intervention Program “Brighter Futures”

The DoCs  Brighter Futures program aims to reduce and prevent child-abuse and neglect in at risk families by providing targeted support. The Program is being rolled out over a five year period (2003-2008) under a DoCs $1.2 billion program of reform and renewal.

CHERE is working in a consortium comprising:

to design and implement an evaluation framework for the Brighter Futures program.

The framework was designed in 2006. Data collection, analysis and reporting was undertaken 2007-2009. During 2007, CHERE completed a framework document for the cost-benefit analysis and commenced work on this aspect of the evaluation. In 2010/11, CHERE has completed cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyses in terms of its short term impact on reports to Community Services and long term affects on education, employment health and rates of crime. The final report is available here.

Funding source
Department of Community Services (DoCs)

CHERE staff
Kees Van Gool, Rebecca Reeve, Marion HaasJane Hall,

Ilan Katz1, Judy Cashmore1, Fiona Hilferty1, Christine Eastman1,  Killian Mullen1, June Wangmann2, Christine Woodrow2, Christine Johnston2, Judy Atkinson3

  1. Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) UNSW
  2. School of Education and Early Childhood Studies, UWS
  3. Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples, Southern Cross University

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